Pre-Requisite Courses at MasdarMasdar Institute provides additional courses to talented Master’s student applicants who may not have the standard GRE and TOEFL/IELTS marks required for admissions but who are otherwise qualified to enroll based on their other academic qualifications and background in relation to the academic programs at Masdar Institute. In such cases, the Masdar Institute Admissions Committee may determine that a student requires additional courses to refresh and extend their knowledge of the principles that underlie the academic field of their choice ahead of their studies in one of Masdar Institute’s nine Master’s degree programs.

These additional courses consist of intensive courses, research projects and hands-on activities. Through these activities additional course students are enabled to meet core degree course requirements and are prepared for two years of advanced studies in their chosen Master’s degree program. In lieu of completion of the said technical courses, the student may pass the respective placement exams for these courses and be exempt from taking them.