The Masdar Institute Strategic Plan 2012-2017 aims to chart the future course of the Institute, while explaining what inspires the research-based graduate-level academic university to move forward with conviction.
The Plan describes in detail how Masdar Institute is guided by the principles of environmental preservation and human development that were articulated by the UAE’s Founding Father, the late Sheikh Zayed bin Sultan Al Nahyan. In addition, it exemplifies Abu Dhabi’s unparalleled commitment to taking a leading role in the search for viable solutions to today’s environmental and energy challenges. It highlights the continuously evolving academic institution that has developed into a living, vibrant and creative research community with students and faculty from across the world. 
The Plan further details how its mandate is aligned with the Abu Dhabi Government’s Vision 2030 objectives, the values and themes, as well as the intellectual platform that forms the foundation for Masdar Institute. Furthermore, it focuses on the strategic direction of the academic programs, research & development activities, and the accomplishments of the faculty and students in creating intellectual capital including patents and invention disclosures. Tracing the Institute’s accomplishments to date, which concur with the UAE’s long-term targets, the Plan forecasts what the research-based institution aims to achieve in the next few years.