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Outreach Program

The wider public is critical to the success of Masdar Institute's efforts to address issues of energy, climate change and sustainability. Raising the awareness of talented undergraduates of the opportunities at Masdar Institute helps to ensure we receive the brightest and broadest range of applicants. By having an educated citizenry, Masdar Institute’s goals can be appreciated and supported.

To achieve this, Masdar Institute embarks on a number of outreach initiatives to develop a good relationship with the local community, raise awareness about issues of climate change and sustainability and more importantly get young people involved in finding solutions to such issues. The UAE’s younger generation is a prime target audience for the Institute’s outreach programs.

Masdar Institute also recognizes that the responsibility to educate and inform the public goes beyond the borders of the UAE. In this regard, its outreach efforts seek to provide information and opportunities to international students and other interested groups through unique programs and initiatives like the Young Future Energy Leaders program.

The outreach program has been established to:  

  • Develop awareness of renewable energy, environment and sustainability issues in the UAE and worldwide
  • Encourage more sustainable behavior and better involvement in sustainability initiatives among the youth of today
  • Develop UAE undergraduate students’ interest in science and engineering and inspire them to pursue graduate studies and research of relevance to the UAE’s strategic goals
  • Introduce undergraduate students in the UAE and abroad to the Masdar Institute programs, mission and goals

 Young Future Energy Leaders

The Young Future Energy Leaders (YFEL) Program is a key part of Abu Dhabi Sustainability Week (ADSW) and its central event, the World Future Energy Summit (WFES), held annually in Abu Dhabi. YFEL brings together talented UAE youth to discuss and learn about current and future energy issues. International students and young professionals are also invited to participate in the program. 

YFEL is designed to inspire, engage and empower bright young people to be tomorrow’s leaders in advanced energy and sustainable technologies. YFEL participants take part in a series of networking events intended to develop their knowledge and skills. Their engagement with today’s leaders promotes a sharing of ideas and experience about the future of energy and solutions to climate change, energy security and sustainability issues. 

YFEL members have also the opportunity to attend a variety of workshops on topics such as leadership, technology, policy, and entrepreneurship. Case study competitions are also held for YFEL participants, where winners are selected to attend international conferences or events.


Summer Research Internships

Masdar Institute offers summer research internships to talented UAE nationals who are passionate about finding innovative solutions to energy, sustainability and environmental issues. Interns will work closely with Masdar Institute faculty and graduate students to conduct exciting research on topics relating to energy, the environment or sustainability. Internships run for five weeks every summer and are open only to UAE nationals who are upcoming university juniors and seniors.

Students interested in an internship can view and apply for the projects offered. During their internship, students will be expected to act as full-time assistants and will be given responsibilities accordingly.


Student Internships

Internships are also offered throughout the year for UAE nationals and non-nationals, with students proposing a project through a Masdar Institute professor. The professor then requests the intern for a specific period of time, ranging from several weeks to several months. Stipends and accommodation are not provided.



Ektashif is a week-long residential program for undergraduate engineering and science students to discover cutting-edge research in renewable energy, sustainability and the environment through action labs designed and conducted by faculty and/or graduate students. Ektashif runs each spring and summer.

Ektashif brings together 20 talented UAE nationals from various universities who are nominated to participate in hands-on labs being conducted by Masdar Institute faculty. Tours, presentations, team-building activities, information sessions, recreational activities and design challenges are also part of this exciting program.

For more information please contact:

Ken Volk, Ph.D., Outreach Manager,

Masdar Institute of Science and Technology,

PO Box 54224, Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates

Phone: +971 2 810 9341

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.