Dean of Faculty

Mohamed Sassi

Interim Dean of Faculty, Dr Mohamed Sassi

The Masdar Institute of Science and Technology is no longer just an idea. It is now a tested reality, amply demonstrating how a sustainability-focused graduate institute in Abu Dhabi can play a pivotal role in transitioning Abu Dhabi economy from resource-based to knowledge-based. In the six years since the Institute held its first classes, it has gone from strength to strength.

Energy, water, and food security in addition to climate change and environmental protection are undoubtedly the most significant challenges facing the gulf region and the whole world today. These challenges require an interdisciplinary approach from highly qualified researchers working in collaboration with industry and government to generate continuous development mechanisms for sustainability.

As the world’s first graduate-only institute focused on advanced energy, water and sustainable technologies, Masdar Institute is a concerted, coordinated, and timely response. Developed in collaboration with the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), the Institute is a live-in laboratory built in Masdar City and was created to give world-class faculty and graduate students every opportunity to thrive and develop themselves into future leaders in science and technology. The multidisciplinary approach to education and research that focuses on the integration of technology development, policy and systems will ensure Masdar Institute becomes a source of great innovation, future leaders and critical thinkers.

Today, we have over 450 graduate students and about 95 world-class faculty members from 30 countries worldwide. We have graduated four batches of students in eight MSc programs and one batch of students in our PhD in interdisciplinary engineering program. The faculty has a generous stream of industrial, governmental and non-governmental funding that is being channeled into some of the most exciting research the region has ever seen. The programs, and the students who pass through them, serve the multidisciplinary nature of science and engineering as they fit within the Masdar initiative and the strategic vision of Abu Dhabi and the UAE as a whole. They are aided in that goal by the formation of our five Institute Centers for Research, each tasked with a critical role of turning Masdar Institute’s research into the commercial products and services that are key to a competitive knowledge-based economy.

As the interim dean, I hope to help take Masdar Institute into its next phase of growth and performance. While the previous years have shown steady progression in the number of world class faculty members, highly talented student enrollment, referred paper publication, patent filing and awards receipt, in the next five years we would like to attain a steady state of about 700 students and 140 faculty members, and I hope to see Masdar Institute take its place among the world’s best graduate universities.

I will close this message with an invitation to all ambitious, talented and qualified faculty and students from around the world to consider joining us at Masdar Institute in our efforts to secure a sustainable future for the Gulf region and the world at large. This is no easy challenge but it is truly one that will be worth all our efforts.

Let us learn to change the world together.