Mohamed Al Hosani

Mohamed Al Hosani


Dr. Mohamed Al Hosani was the first graduate under the Masdar Institute Fellowship Program, obtaining his MSc and PhD degrees in Electrical Engineering from the University of Central Florida, USA, in 2010 and 2013, respectively. There, he worked on developing new techniques for islanding detection and prevention to improve the integrity and performance of distributed generations during islanding events. He received a BSc degree in Electrical Engineering from the American University of Sharjah, UAE, in 2008.

In 2014, Dr. Al Hosani joined the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology as an Assistant Professor in the Department of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science. He is currently a Visiting Professor at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), USA.

Dr. Al Hosani is the recipient of a number of awards including the 2008 IEEE Myron Zucker Industry Applications Award, the 2008 National Advisory Council Research Award, the 2009 Sharjah Islamic Bank Research Award, and the 2014 Sheikh Rashid Award for Academic Excellence.

Dr. Al Hosani is a professional member of IEEE, has published several IEEE conference and journal papers, and serves as a peer reviewer for several journals, including IEEE Transactions on Power Delivery, Energy Conversion, Power Electronics, Industrial Electronics, and Smart Grid.


  • FDN 455: Introduction to Power Systems
  • EPE 503: Distributed Generation
  • Optimal Estimation for Control and Power System Applications
  • Nonlinear Control Systems


Advisor To Current Masdar Institute Students

  • Wasiu Sanusi
  • Faisal Hameed
  • Abel Gracia Reyes
  • Faisal Mumtaz (Co-advisor)



Research interests

  • Islanding Detection of inverter based Distributed Generation.
  • Distributed Generation Protection and Control.
  • Modeling and Stability Analysis of Micro-grid and Smart grid.
  • Parameter Estimation and Observation.
  • Control System Theory.

Current Research Project:

“Study and Development of Intelligent Multi-Microgrids with Interactive Capabilities”
Principal investigators of this project are Dr. Mohamed Al Hosani, Prof. James L. Kirtley and Dr. Konstantin Turitsyn. The project is a collaborative project between Masdar Institute and Massachusetts Institute of Technology.



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  • F. Mumtaz, M. H. Syed, M. Al Hosani, and H.H. Zeineldin, “A Novel Approach to Solve Power Flow for Islanded Microgrids Using Modified Newton Raphson with Droop Control of DG,” IEEE Transactions on Sustainable Energy, in press.
  • M. Al Hosani, Z. Qu, and H.H. Zeineldin, “Scheduled Perturbation to Reduce Nondetection Zone for Low Gain Sandia Frequency Shift Method,” IEEE Transactions on Smart Grid, vol.6, no.6, pp.3095-3103, Nov. 2015.
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