Bruce Walker Ferguson

Bruce Walker Ferguson


Professor Ferguson is a co-founder and former COO of Orbital Sciences Corporation, a space technology company listed on the New York Stock Exchange.  He is also a co-founder and former CEO of Edenspace Systems Corporation, a plant biotechnology company, and has been an angel investor in ten other technology-based start-up companies. He is currently Vice Chairman of the Carnegie Institution of Science.  He has served as Vice Chairman of the Kansas State University Research Foundation and as a Fellow at the George Washington University Center for International Science and Technology Policy.

He received his Juris Doctor, Master of Business Administration, Master of Education, and Bachelor of Arts degrees from Harvard University, where he was an honorary Harvard National Scholar and an editor of the Harvard Law Review.


  • Professor Ferguson will teach courses on technology management, innovation, and entrepreneurship. 

Current Masdar Institute Students  

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  • Saeed Brook Almenhali   
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  • Omar Mezher   
  • Ameirah Aldahmani   
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  • Asad Hussain (PhD)
  • Dominique Liana Russo (PhD)

The rate of innovation is a complex function of human capital (skills, education and values), government policy, and industry structure and capabilities.  This innovation “ecosystem” is different, and is constantly changing, in every country. 

Professor Ferguson’s research involves identifying and analysing some of the keystone elements of this ecosystem, such as availability of early stage funding, support of high-risk ventures under corporate and bankruptcy law, availability of mentors and business partners, support of research and development by intellectual property law, translation of academic research to commercial products, and rapid regulatory review, to determine best practices that can speed innovation and achieve economic and social development goals. 

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