Simo Pehkonen

Simo Pehkonen


Professor - Chemical Engineering
Phone number: +971 2 810 9106


Dr Simo Pehkonen is a Professor of Chemical Engineering at Masdar Institute. Just prior to his appointment at Masdar Institute, Dr  Pehkonen was a Research Director of Cewic at the Thule Institute at University of Oulu (Finland) - Cewic is a Centre of Expertise in the Water Industry cluster. Prior to joining Cewic, he was an Associate Professor of Environmental Chemistry in the Division of Environmental Science and Engineering at National University of Singapore (NUS). He obtained his PhD in Environmental Chemistry from CalTech, USA in 1994 and he worked at University of Cincinnati as an Assistant Professor for five years, before joining NUS in 1999. His research interests are environmental photochemistry, materials chemistry including corrosion chemistry and applied kinetics in environmental aquatic systems.

Currently his research group is conducting research on aluminium-silicon compound hydrolysis kinetics and metal corrosion in marine systems as well as in simulated drinking water systems.  Dr Pehkonen has published approximately 75 peer-reviewed research articles in the above areas in top journal such as E S & T, Corrosion Science, J. Electrochem. Soc., Chemical Engineering Science and Industrial and Engineering Chemistry Research, and he also has authored four critical review articles in the above areas. He is a member of American Chemical Society (ACS).


For more inforation please visit Dr. Pehkonen's profile at the Masdar Chemical Engineering Progam website.


Courses/Teaching interests

  • Chemical Kinetics and Reactor Engineering


Advisor to Current Masdar Institute Students

  • Adetunji Alabi




Research Interest/Research Projects

  • Applied Catalysis
  • Photochemistry
  • Corrosion Science and Engineering

Current Research Projects:

  • The Chemistry of Aluminium Silicates for Water and Wastewater Purification Applications
  • The Development of Novel Catalysts for Photocatalytic Aquatic Species Remediation and Energy Production
  • Simple Alcohol Reforming Using Various Textual TiO2 Materials and Au Metallization via Photo-Driven Processes

Selected Publications:

  • Yuan S.J., Pehkonen S.O., Ting Y.P., Neoh K.G., Kang E.T.  Inorganic-organic hybrid coatings on stainless steel by layer-by-layer deposition and surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization for combating biocorrosion, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces, 1(3), 640-652 (2009) 
  • Yuan S.J., Xu F.J., Pehkonen S.O., Ting Y.P., Neoh K.G., Kang E.T., Grafting of antibacterial polymers on stainless steel via surface-initiated atom transfer radical polymerization for inhibiting  biocorrosion by Desulfovibrio desulfuricans,  Biotechnology and Bioengineering, Volume 103, Issue 2, June 2009, Pages:268-281. 
  • S. J. Yuan, S.O. Pehkonen, Y.P. Ting, K.G. Neoh and E.T. Kang “Antibacterial Inorganic-Organic Hybrid Coatings on Stainless Steel via Consecutive Surface-Initiated Atom Transfer Radical Polymerization for Biocorrosion Prevention”, Langmuir, 2010, 26 (9), pp 6728–6736.