Hector H. Hernandez

Hector H. Hernandez


Dr. Hector H. Hernandez received his PhD in Chemical Biology from the Chemistry Department at the Massachusetts Institute of Technology. During his research work there he concentrated on molecular characterization and enzymology of redox regulation pathways in extremophiles.

Dr. Hector joined the Masdar Institute of Science and Technology as Assistant Professor in Chemical Engineering in July of 2011. Prior to joining Masdar Institute, Dr. Hernandez was a Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Scholar in the Department of Civil and Environmental Engineering at Massachusetts Institute of Technology.

Dr. Hernandez has been a key speaker and conference panelist at local and international conferences and workshops speaking on the topic of food security, water conservation, and regeneration and use of UAE natural resources.

You can read more about Dr. Hernandez and the research conducted in his laboratory by visiting the laboratory’s web pages at: mecel.labs.masdar.ac.ae

Courses/Teaching interests:

  • CHE520 - Biochemistry for Engineers

Advisor to current Masdar Institute students

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  • Alya Altunaiji



Dr. Hernandez’s laboratory - the Microbial Environmental and Chemical Engineering Laboratory (MECEL) - focuses on applying biotechnology tools and engineering principles to environmental microbial systems to address challenges facing society in the areas of food, water, diminishing nutritional resources, and bioremediation of ecosystems in the UAE. The MECEL team is working on several key projects of importance to the UAE. These are

  • Isolation and characterization microalgae species from the UAE
  • Identifying the microbial composition of camel gut ecosystem
  • Identifying microbes from the desert for biotechnological use
  • Investigating the role of invasive microbiological species from shipping lanes in the Gulf waters around the UAE

If you are interested in find out more about these projects, please contact Dr. Hernandez at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Selected Publications:

  • Patwardhan P, Timko M, Class C, Bonomi R, Kida Y, Hernandez HH, Tester J, Green, W. Supercritical water desulfurization of organic sulfides is consistent with free radical kinetics. Energy & Fuels 2013 27 (10), 6108-6117
  • Mieseler M, Atiyeh MN, Hernandez HH, Ahmad F. Direct enrichment of perchlorate reducing microbial community for efficient electroactive perchlorate reduction in biocathodes. Journal of Industrial Microbiology & Biotechnology 40(11): 1321-1327.
  • Santos S, Stefancich M, Hernandez HH, Chiesa M, Thomson NH. Hydrophylicity of a single DNA molecule. J. Phys. Chem. C, December 2012, 116 (4), 2807–2818
  • Akerboom J, Vélez Rivera JD, Rodríguez Guilbe MM, Alfaro Malavé EC, Hernandez HH, Tian L, Hires SA, Marvin JS, Looger LL, Schreiter ES. Crystal structures of the GCaMP calcium sensor reveal the mechanism of fluorescence signal change and aid rational design. J. Biol. Chem., Mar 2009; 284: 6455 – 6464
  • Hernandez HH, Jaquez OJ, Hamill MJ, Elliott SJ, Drennan CL. Thioredoxin Reductase from T. Acidophilum: a new twist on redox regulation. Biochemistry. 2008 Sep 16;47(37):9728-37