Afshin Afshari

Afshin Afshari


Department of Engineering Systems and Management
Engineering Systems & Management - Professor of Practice
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Dr. Afshari is currently Professor of Practice at Masdar Institute of Science and Technology, where he manages a number of collaborative R&D projects involving strategic partners. Prior to that, for close to three and a half years, he was head of Masdar City’s Energy Department, where he specified and enforced—at design and operational stages—key performance indicators for energy efficiency, demand-side management and smart grid. He also conducted pilot and feasibility projects, citywide energy modeling, financial and economic analysis, and risk assessments. Dr. Afshari has more than 15 years of experience in the field of energy management, including 10 years in management positions.

Before joining Masdar, Dr. Afshari worked for the International Energy Group (UAE), Silicon Energy (USA), Raab Karcher Energy Services (Germany) and Schlumberger Research (France). He also spent 4 years overseeing the commercialization of the intellectual property portfolio of the Faculty of Engineering of the University of Quebec in Montreal (Canada).

Dr. Afshari is a Professional Engineer with a PhD in Physics from the University of Paris (France) and an MBA from INSEAD (France). He has three registered patents (two US and one European) and numerous articles published in conference proceedings, academic and trade journals and books.

Courses/Teaching interests

  • Statistics
  • Sustainable energy
  • Time series analysis, modeling & prediction


Advisor to the current students:

  • Aicha Zekar
  • Temesgen Girmay
  • Sokratis Papadopoulos
  • Nengbao Liu
  • Timothy Mulumba
  • Christina Nikolopoulou
  • Abeer Al Kathir
  • City-wide energy model encompassing supply/distribution and demand as well as certain microclimatic phenomena, in particular the heat island effect; both for off-line energy management decision support and for on-line operational applications such as predictive control, load forecasting and fault detection/diagnosis
  • Improving the energy efficiency of existing buildings through the design and verification of demand-side management programs; analysis of regulatory frameworks and business models relevant to the Gulf region countries
  • Design of low/zero energy buildings and assessment of their contribution to sustainable communities
  • Smart grid concepts and technologies to support demand response: dynamic pricing, smart sensors/thermostats/appliances communicating with smart meter, building/home energy management system, standardization and interoperability
  • Renewable energies with special emphasis on thermally activated systems: CSP, solar thermal cooling, geothermal energy, geo-exchange

Selected Publications

  • M. MOKHTAR, M. T. ALI, S. BRAUENIGER, A. AFSHARI, S. SGOURIDIS, P. ARMSTRONG, M. CHIESA (2010), Systematic comprehensive techno-economic assessment of solar cooling technologies using location-specific climate data, Journal of Applied Energy, Vol. 87, pp3766-3778
  • C. BENARD, A. AFSHARI (1992), Inverse Stefan Problem: Tracking of the interface position from measurements on the solid phase, International Journal for Numerical Methods in Engineering, Vol. 35, pp835-851
  • US Patent 6,577,962 (2003): System and method for forecasting energy usage