About Us


  • Commitment and passion: We are committed to the goals of Abu Dhabi’s leadership in transformation and diversification of the economy as reflected in our vision and mission. We have a strong sense of pride and are passionate and enthusiastic about educating leaders for a knowledge economy.
  • Creativity and initiative: We move the Institute forward through creativity in our academic programs, research, student support and other operations. We encourage and reward initiative among faculty, staff and students.
  • Diversity: We cultivate and embrace diversity as a critical source of creativity, innovation and insight, especially for the complex global issues of advanced and sustainable technologies. We seek the widest inclusion of available human talent.
  • System thinking: We plan, operate and optimize the Institute with a fundamental orientation of systems thinking. We strive to ensure the whole is greater than the sum of its parts. We use the formidable global challenges of energy, water and climate change as our guide.
  • Sustainable development: We maintain a fundamental focus on sustainability in our academic and research programs. We foster a commitment to sustainability in how we operate within the Institute. We lead by example.
  • Relevance: We strive to have our academic programs and R&D agenda be consistent with major issues facing the world, as well as issues of concerns to local and regional industries and government.